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Script Handstamp T. E. O. Cilicie (Handstamp) T. E. O. Cilicie (Typographed) Occupation Militaire Francaise O. M. F. Cilicie

Collection / Cilicie / Occupation Militaire Francaise

Turkish Revenue Stamp with Six-Lined Overprinted "MILITAIRE Occupation Francaise CILICIE"

70 Para on 5 Para red

3½ Piaster on 5 Para red

badly centred


horizontal pair with OCCC in
Occupation at the left stamp

P in Piastres

double overprint

inverted overprint

double overprint,
one inverted

horizontal pair, left stamp 3½ Piaster with Piatsres
instead Piastres, right stamp 70 Para


Cover from 09.06.1920 from Mersine to Cairo (Egypt) franked with 2 revenue stamps a 70 Para on 5 Para

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