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Knowledge / Fakes / Reprints, Reproductions and Facsimiles

Reprints, reproductions and facsimiles are no fakes. They were often offered as originals to defraud collectors.

Reprint: additional printings from the original plates or stones

original postage stamp and private reprint for the IBRA ´99 from an original die

original postage stamp and private reprint to defraud collectors

official reprint with fake hand postmark

original postage stamps and official reprints in fantasy colours for stamp collectors

official reprints for stamp collectors with marking "ND" on back

Reproduction: additional printings from new plates or stones

original postage stamp and 3 private reproductions to defraud collectors

official reproduction for the WIPA 1965

official reproduction for stamp collectors

original postage stamp and private reproduction to defraud collectors

Facsimile: copies or imitations made to represent original postage stamps

facsimiles to defraud collectors with marking "replik" (=fake)

facsimile to defraud collectors with marking "FAUX" (=fake)

original: watermark crosses and circles; engraving; perforated

reproduktion: watermark angles; offset printing; printed perforation; changed inscriptions

postal forgery with original hand postmark on cover to Germany

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